Seventh Edition September 2004 - Shahrivar 1383
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7 November 2005
Women Writers at an Afghan Literary Festival in Tehran [More]
1 October 2005
Women's Islamic Games [More]
9 June 2005
Women's Sit-In Protest Against Iran's Constitution [More]
March 8 International Women's Day
Inauguration of the Women’s Library and Resource Center on March 8, 2005 [More]
The Women’s Cultural Center’s Library Support Call [More]
Imam Hussein, A Real Man
Imam Hussein, A Real Man; Ashura Rites Revive Debates About Islam Among Iran's Youth [More]
Modeling Marriage
Enjoying large circulation and avid interest on the part of Iranian women, post-revolutionary conservative family magazines have been in circulation for quite some time. While some, such as Khanevadeh [ Family ] , were founded soon after the Iranian Revolution, others, like Khanevadeh-ye Sabz [ The Green Family ] or Khaneh va Khanevadeh [ Home and Family ] , were launched during the 1990s. [More]
About Bad Jens
Bad Jens is a feminist online magazine mainly addressing readers outside Iran. It is hoped to be a step towards improving links between activists/academics inside and outside the country. Seeing as intellectual and cultural exchanges between Iran and its neighbors are few and far between - especially regarding women's activities - we're particularly eager to reach readers in the Middle East.

'Jens'= gender, nature, type

'bad'= bad

The term 'badjens' is usually spelt as one word, and means "disreputable", or "sly".
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