Seventh Edition September 2004 - Shahrivar 1383

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> New Religious Thought and Feminism - Alireza Alavitabar

> Rediscovery of the "Self" in Iranian Weblogs
> Modeling Marriage in Family Magazines
> Speech Ensemble
> Earthquake Aftermath
> Shirin Ebadi Book Excerpt
> 2 Short Stories

Bad Jens past editions:
We recommend the "Questions and Answers" section of this website, since it informs the reader on orthodox Shii positions on from everything ranging from girls' names, to marrying a Christian, to anal sex.
Arab Women's Solidarity Association is an international non-profit organization which promotes
Arab women's active participation in social, economic, cultural, and political life.
A resource for countering myth, distortion, and spin from the Israeli media war machine
INCITE is a national activist organization of feminists of color advancing a movement to end
violence against women of color and their communities.
Avicenna Books sells Iranian books, postcards, and CDs. Also the online dealer of Roshangaran
Currently featuring a selection of academic writings by Iranian women on "Islam and Feminism
in Iran".
Dedicated to advancing information, fostering community and educating people about Islam.
Here you can report hate crimes, check news and analysis, and chat.
The Iranian Women's Studies Foundation (IWSF) is a non-profit organization. It has no affiliation
to any political or religious group or organization, and aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on issues related to Iranian women, to disseminate information on Iranian women's
achievements, and to establish a network of communication among communities of Iranian
women the world over.
Iranian book store in Paris.
NISAA offers women in the Arab world the opportunity to exchange experiences and information
on gender specific topics in order to intensify their cooperation among each other.
Comprehensive site offering the latest news, reviews, articles, and interviews on cultural life
in Tehran.
Sells the women's journal Jens-e Dovom and other progressive Iranian publications.
ZAN = Woman is an interactive Directory / Anthology of the arts and ideas of Iranian Women,
free from any political or religious affiliations.
A mostly Persian-language women's site, with a small but good selection of English-language academic writings about Islam and feminism in Iran.

Mostly Persian-language, a good site for news updates on women-related issues in Iran.
A Persian-language quarterly women's bulletin.
An Iranian women's website based in the U.S.
Information about Islam, women, and women and Islam. (Crossroads)
Run by young Iranians living in France, with the aim of exchanging ideas and viewpoints with 
Iranians in Iran,
as well as with young people from Afghanistan and other countries from the region.  

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