Seventh Edition September 2004 - Shahrivar 1383

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> New Religious Thought and Feminism - Alireza Alavitabar

> Rediscovery of the "Self" in Iranian Weblogs
> Modeling Marriage in Family Magazines
> Speech Ensemble
> Earthquake Aftermath
> Shirin Ebadi Book Excerpt
> 2 Short Stories

Bad Jens past editions:

Fasl-e zanan: majmu'e ara va didgahayeh femiiniisti, jeld-e cheharom
(The Season of Women: A Compilation of Feminist Viewpoints and Opinions, Vol.4)
Edited by Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani, Firouzeh Mohajer, and Parvin Ardalan

Published by Roshangaran and Women's Studies, Tehran, 1383 (2004), 205 pp.
18000 Rials

Eshteghal-e zanan dar Iran: daramadi bar avamel-e mo'asseri bar eshteghal-e zanan dar chehel sal-e gozashteh
(Women's Employment in Iran: Introduction to Factors Affecting Women's Employment in the Past Forty Years)
By Shahla Bagheri

Published by Shorayeh Farhangi Ejtema'iyeh Zanan, Tehran, 1383 (2004), 120 pp.
7000 Rials

Zan dar Iran-e asr-e moghol
(Women in Iran During the Mongolian Era)
By Shirin (Eslami-Nodushan) Bayani

Published by Tehran University, 1383 (2004), 180 pp.
11000 Rials

Masih-eh Madar: Neshan-e Zan dar zendegani va asar-e Ahmad Shamlou
(Mother's Christ: Woman's Presence in the Life and Works of Ahmad Shamlou)
By Pouran Farokhzad

Published by Iran Jam, Tehran, 1383 (2004), 236 pp.
15000 Rials

Hoquq-e zanan dar keshakesh-e sonat va tajadod: ta'amoli bar mabadi-e hermenutik-e hoquq-e zanan
(Women's Rights in the Struggle Between Tradition and Modernity: A Look at the Hermeneutics of Women's Rights)
By Mohammad Hakimpour

Published by Naghmeh Noandish, Tehran, 1383 (2004), 494 pp.
29000 Rials

Barresi-yeh asibhayeh ejtema'i-yeh zanan dar daheh 1370-1380
(An Assessment of Women's Social Injuries from 1991-2001)
By Zahra Mohammadi

Published by Ravabet-e O'mumieh Shorayeh Farhangiyeh Ejtema'i-yeh Zanan, Tehran, 1383 (2004), 320 pp.
16000 Rials


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