Sixth Edition December 2002 - Azar 1381 
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Women’s Best Friend


School Counselors: Clichéd and Useless?




Bad Jens past editions:

Welcome to the Sixth Edition of Bad Jens


Shortly after Shirin Ebadi was released from prison three years ago, she gave an interview that was published in Iran in the feminist journal, Jens-e Dovom. Bad Jens translated the interview and posted it in its fourth edition. [More]


March 8 International Women’s Day Put On View. [More]


Who Are You?

From the debut edition of a new woman's magazine in Iran, Zanan-e Farda (Tomorrow's Women). Most of the editorial board are men, as is the the editor-in-chief. The following is an excerpt from the editor's "Letter to the Reader." (Don't blame the translator.)

Half of the world has been consigned to oblivion and despair… Tangled in the stifled cries of mothers, the halting lullabies of a child’s doll, the songs of carpet weavers, the friendships among the women of Shalizar, the wild-eyed gazelle of the plains and eternally harsh mountains. The cruelty of a spring forever in winter…Women of labor and anguish, discrimination, and derision…  

The half that cannot be and has never be seen, she seems to have no weight, is ethereal and crucified by a tragic history. We have lost the ability to see her. Who are you anyway?

Iranian women have a rough road ahead, more difficult than ever before. On the one hand, they share the same complex living conditions as their other half, and on the other, they carry the weight of discrimination and double oppression. The same old story, but maybe there are differences ahead…

In commemoration of Imam Ali's martyrdom, the 19th day of the month of Ramadan began five days of mourning for Shi'a Muslims. On the first day of mourning, Tehran residents woke up to black cloths hanging over several movie billboards. This year was different in that only the women's faces were concealed. In past years, the entire billboards were covered. For a naked glimpse, see The Towering Wall Behind Youth in this edition.

About Bad Jens

Bad Jens is a feminist online magazine mainly addressing readers outside Iran. It is hoped to be a step towards improving links between activists/academics inside and outside the country. Seeing as intellectual and cultural exchanges between Iran and its neighbors are few and far between - especially regarding women's activities - we're particularly eager to reach readers in the Middle East.

'Jens'= gender, nature, type


‘bad’= bad


The term 'badjens' is usually spelt as one word, and means "disreputable", or "sly".

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